Voici des articles et vidéos sur l’actualité qui ont été faits spécialement pour être lus par des personnes n’ayant pas l’anglais comme langue maternelle. Ce journal en ligne s’appelle VOA Learning English, et est américain. Chaque article a une version écrite et audio, et chaque mot à l’intérieur des articles est cliquable, affichant la définition de celui-ci. Recevez gratuitement ces articles chaque semaine en vous abonnant au programme de vidéos.


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Learning English use a limited vocabulary and are read at a slower pace than VOA's other English broadcasts. Previously known as Special English. [...]
Mardi 31 mars 2020, Continue reading at the source
From VOA Learning English, this is the Health & Lifestyle report. Much is unknown about the disease COVID-19. But health experts say they do know this: Age makes a big difference as to whether a person infected with the new coronavirus lives or dies. The reason is something called “reserve capacity.” The Associated Press spoke with several doctors about the subject. One of them is Richard Baron, an expert in health care for older adults. He heads the American Board of Internal Medicine, a non-profit group. Baron notes that “at age 18, you have a lot of extra lung capacity you don't use [...]
Lundi 30 mars 2020, Continue reading at the source
The disease caused by the new coronavirus, known as COVID-19, has now infected nearly 770,000 people. More than 36,000 people have died from the disease. The United States has more confirmed cases of infection than any [...]
Lundi 30 mars 2020, Continue reading at the source