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Every day, around 50 tons of food waste arrives at a factory outside of Jinan, China. That is equal to the weight of seven adult elephants. Once it arrives, the food waste goes through pipes and into individual cells made of wood. There, about one billion cockroaches wait to feed. People usually see these insects as dirty pests. But in China, they are seen for their environmental – and economic - value. Ever-growing Chinese cities like Jinan are creating more food waste than they have room for in landfills. Cockroaches are not only able to get rid of food waste, they can become healthy [...]
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Many news stories about the United States government tell about Congress and American lawmakers. The U.S. Congress is the nation's legislature. It is made of two parts: the Senate and the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives is called “the House” for short. And sometimes it is called “the People's House.” That term was chosen as a nickname because the men who wrote the U.S. Constitution in 1787 set few restrictions on who could serve there. They wanted the House to be as close as possible to everyday Americans. One of the writers of the Constitution, James Madison, wrote about the [...]
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On the night before Christmas in 1818, an Austrian clergyman and a music teacher sang a song that they wrote together for the first time. They did not know it then, but their song would go on to be the world's most famous Christmas carol. The song is called, in English, “Silent Night.” Joseph Mohr, a young clergyman from Salzburg, first wrote the words for a poem in 1816. Two years later, Mohr asked Franz Xaver Gruber, his friend and a teacher from Upper Austria, to write music for the words. Gruber simply added some musical notes to the poem. He did not [...]
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